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Specialized Control system with PID control for FLEXOMATE Printing Machines

One of our prestige customer Manugraph India Ltd leading manufacturers of the printing machineries was developing first of a kind flexo printing machine in India. For the efficient working of the system they were having requirement of a constant temperature control system. New Anucool developed a variable constant temperature control ranging from 10oC to 90oC using a PID control.

FLEXOMATE Printing Machines
FLEXOMATE Printing Machines

Closed loop temperature control system for Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering & Research (SAMEER)- SAMEER

India is a research organization of Indian government in microwave and electronics engineering specializes in the area of Linear Accelerator Technology for Cancer Therapy, Opto-Electronics, Microwave and Radio Frequency Systems and Sub - Systems and Components. For there system they require to maintain constant temperature in a closed loop. We introduced XCHILL30 a packaged refrigeration system with inbuilt cooling and heating system. In which the sample flow shall be finally cooled to the required temperature as specified by the customr and as approved during engineering within a variation of ±1˚C before passing the sample.